Everything started with the graffiti…

I was a dreamer who liked to put some colours on the city walls. To keep memories of my life, I started to take pictures of my own graffiti. Then I got absorbed by everything around me. So, it’s naturally that i became a street photographer.

Step by step, I abandonned the street art to devote myself to street photography only. What i like about the street? I can watch how people are moving, I can interact with them and capture this intensity. The ephemeral become immortal.

One day, One of my friend, an amazing photographer, ask me to do a wedding for her because she was sick. I was not excited in the beggining but i accepted it and it’s at this moment that i discover the artistic potential of a wedding.

There is something in commun with the street photography, the real emotions, I’m always on the lookout for nothing to miss . For me, photography it’s not a work, it’s a lifestyle. Now, that you know more about me, it’s your turn to contact me to tell me your life. Feel free to tell me everything that you have in your mind, How you met, what do you like and what make you alive….

Looking forward to read this beautiful part of your life