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wedding at chateau saint georges

I started photography by chance

For me the camera was a way to make the ephemeral become eternal. I was a graffiti artist. My paintings were disappearing as quickly as I was creating them. I began to photograph them in order to keep their memory alive. Little by little, photography has become an addiction. I loved watching people move and photographing them in the street. Street photography has taken over from street art. Photography was my tool. It has become my way of life…

Wedding photography ? No way !

One day a friend who was sick asked me to stand in for her at a wedding in Provence. I did this purely to solve the problem at hand. In my mind was the image of boring wedding photos. Very frozen, unnatural, and the opposite of what I liked to do in the photography. I was wrong. I discovered how creative wedding photography can be. But that’s nothing. Do you know the craziest thing about it? I am writing the first page of your new married life. The wedding photo has this magical power to stop time, to prevent the moment from disappearing.

My philosophy ? Enjoy !

I want to see you enjoy the wedding. Connect with old friends, see family again, laugh, cry… Live your emotions and I will take care of making them eternal. My images will be there to make you feel your emotions all over again and not only with your eyes. The moment you look at them they will transport you back to the most beautiful day of your life.
Now it’s your turn to tell me your story. Please feel free to tell me what you want about yourself. I can’t wait to hear from you and create your memories.